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“When I read the magazine, I see Jesus’ sacrifice, but mostly the forgiveness and acceptance by God. Joy, wellness, and good health remind me there is always a turn around and resolution to conflict in my life.” -Client, Pregnancy Care Center

“[One] client of mine had five abortions before she came to our center and was pregnant again. Because of the After Abortion pamphlet, I gave her she showed up with her newborn baby later at a retreat we held. And she has since had another baby!” —Director, Pregnancy Care Center

“We give out The Word Among Us magazines and After Abortion booklets to women and men who attend our support groups and retreats. They are a wonderful resource for folks to continue to grow in their faith and deepen their healing in Christ.” —Director, Retreat

“I can relate and feel as a child being nurtured again when I turn to God. The reading of the magazine helps me to grow in a positive direction and reflect the power and love that is in Jesus.” – Client, Pregnancy Care Center

“It really helps me when I’m having a bad day. When I have yet another crisis, I turn to that day’s page and it helps me get through it and be happy that I continued with my pregnancy.” – Client, Pregnancy Care Center

Together we are sending The Word Among Us to:

People in Pregnancy Care Centers
After Abortion booklets since we began

Helping Save the Innocent and Promote Healing From Abortion

Each and every life has inherent dignity, and we are committed to supporting women and men choose life. Partners reaches over 20,000 individuals through copies of The Word Among Us sent to pregnancy centers and post-abortion ministries each month. Because of your prayers and donations, women and men encounter Jesus in The Word Among Us during uncertain and vulnerable times in their lives. You help them choose life for their children and become good parents. You help give them hope.

“You formed my inmost being; you knit me in my mother’s womb. I praise you, because I am wonderfully made; wonderful are your works! My very self you know.” –Psalm 139:13-14

There is also a huge need for God’s loving embrace and healing for those who have already experienced abortion. Recent research has shown that 90% of women do not know where to go for healing after an abortion, and that nearly 70% of women seeking support after an abortion are not looking for a faith-based approach to healing. This startling statistic prompted us to partner with Support After Abortion to create a resource to meet this large percentage of women where they are. We believe that when we meet people where they are with resources like Keys to Hope and Healing, we can serve as a stepping-stone to healing and the spiritual awakening that is likely to follow.

Because of our generous donors, the first printing of these booklets has topped 50,000 copies. They are being sent out to pregnancy care centers and ministries all around the country and beyond.

Various ministries report that the booklets change so many people's lives and bring them into God's love and forgiveness. We are blessed to be able to help women and men find hope and healing, no matter where they are in their journey.

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