God is changing lives in prisons.|in the military.|on college campuses.|in pregnancy centers.|for people in hardship.

The Word Among Us Partners' mission is to share God's love and boundless mercy with Catholics in challenging circumstances through The Word Among Us magazine.

Through your prayers and generous donations, Partners provides The Word Among Us to 168,000 Catholics who are away from the support of their family, friends, or local church.

Together we are sending The Word Among Us to:




Service Members


College Students


People in Pregnancy Care Centers


People Experiencing Hardship

+ Free Digital Subscriptions for Active Duty Military and College Students

2024 Partners Goals

Expand our newly introduced outreach to those impacted by homeless, illness, or addiction by 2,000 people.

Reach an additional 15,000 brothers and sisters behind bars who want to pray using The Word Among Us Inmate Edition.

Expand our military ministry to reach 2,000 more active-duty service members and veterans.

Reach 25,000 more men and women who need healing following an abortion and those facing crisis pregnancies.

Increase our college outreach by 2,000 students by the end of the year.

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Fr. Chuck's Story

Father Chuck Cantera shares his passion for prison ministry and how he uses The Word Among Us to help prisoners find salvation.

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Fr. Mallon’s Story

Learn about Fr. Mallon’s surrender to Christ, how he learned to pray using The Word Among Us, and his work in parish renewal.

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Holly’s Story

Holly shares her story of hitting rock bottom, hitting her knees in prayer as an inmate, and how God changed her life.

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Al's Story

Al shares his story of going from an inmate and receiving a free copy of The Word Among Us to sending free copies to others in need.

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Angela's Story

Angela, Director of Prison Ministry at The Word Among Us Partners shares her personal experiences of God changing lives in prisons.