God is changing lives
across our ministries

Partners shares God's love and boundless mercy with Catholics in challenging circumstances through gifts of The Word Among Us magazine.

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Prison Ministry

Bringing God’s Light to the Darkest Places

Prisoners are often vulnerable and alone, isolated from loved ones and local church support. They face violence, rejection, darkness, loneliness, despair, and the pain of living with their past. Partners gives them the tools to find God's love and forgiveness.

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Military Ministry

Serving Those Who Serve Us

Every day the men and women in the military generously serve our country at home and abroad. Their families also make sacrifices, juggling responsibilities so that their spouses, children, and grandchildren can do the difficult and often dangerous work of protecting our freedom. Partners sends them badly needed resources so they can celebrate Mass and grow in prayer.

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Pregnancy Hope and Healing Ministry

Helping Save the Innocent and Promote Healing From Abortion

Each and every life has inherent dignity, and we are committed to supporting women and men choose life. Partners reaches over 20,000 individuals through copies of The Word Among Us sent to pregnancy centers and post-abortion ministries each month.

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College Ministry

Working with Young Catholics to Keep Them Strong in Their Faith

Dynamic Catholic reports eighty-five percent of Catholic college students lose their faith in college. Despite the harmful elements of college life, God continues to draw men and women to himself. Partners wants to help young people come back to their faith through daily prayer and meditation.

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Hardship Ministry

Providing Hope to Those Experiencing Hardship

God calls us to care for those in challenging circumstances who long to hear a word of hope or experience his comfort. We send The Word Among Us to those in the most difficult situations–people in homeless shelters, addiction treatment centers, hospitals, and senior living and health care centers.

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