Wishing You A Blessed Christmas

Wishing You A Blessed Christmas

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This Christmas we invite you to ponder the extraordinary love and humility of our incarnate God who lived among us … and still lives among us!

Jesus—our incarnate God—who was born in a stable…still remains close to all women giving birth and those struggling over a pregnancy.

Jesus—our incarnate God—who fled with Mary and Joseph from the wrath of Herod…still walks with the thousands of refugees fleeing persecution.

Jesus—our incarnate God—who had nowhere to lay his head…still walks in the feet of the homeless and hungry.

Jesus—our incarnate God—who welcomed sinners and outcasts… still longs to move hearts to welcome the “outcasts” of our times.

Jesus—our incarnate God—who cried at the death of Lazarus…still weeps with us and comforts us on the death of our loved ones.

As a token of our love and appreciation, a Mass to be offered for your special intentions at the Franciscan Monastery in Washington, DC.

This Christmas, through your love and generosity…
62,000 prisoners are experiencing the hope of our incarnate God.
26,000 service men and women are encountering the peace of our incarnate God.
6,500 women troubled about a pregnancy are discovering the love of our incarnate God.
6,000 college students are deepening their faith in our incarnate God.

On behalf of every brother and sister who receives The Word Among Us, we say, “Thank you.” May our incarnate God abundantly bless you and all those you love this Christmas.

Have a blessed Christmas and New Year,
Brendan, Angela, Bryan, Sue, Maurice, Orlando