Walking Through God’s Open Door of Faith

Walking Through God’s Open Door of Faith

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During this Year of Faith, God is inviting all of us to pass through the “door of faith” each and every day. That’s because Jesus wants you to experience his presence!

He loves you! He wants your Christian life to be an exciting journey—one that leads you right into the heart of his love.

We are all familiar with Jesus’ words to the blind beggar Bartimaeus: “What do you want me to do for you?” (Mark 10:51). During this Year of Faith, he is asking each of you the same question. Take a few moments right now to think about this. Jesus longs to see you throw aside anything that limits your expectations. Jesus wants to deepen your relationship with him as well as your faith and confidence in him. Jesus wants to heal your heart of doubts, hurts, fears, unforgiveness, and anger, and fill it with the fire of his love.

View and download our flyer Walk Through God’s Open Door of Faith to find find five short reflections. Each one includes a Scripture verse to meditate on and a prayer to get you talking with God. You may want to spend one day or multiple days or even a whole week on each one.