Voices of Military Personnel

Words of Thanks from the Military

Voices of Military Personnel

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“In their distress they cried to the Lord, who saved them in their peril.” Psalm 107:13

“Thanks to all of you for your support for us in Afghanistan. The Word Among Us is crucial. Besides using it individually, we use it together every week for a Liturgy of the Word. We could use hundreds more.”
—Soldier, U.S. Army

“Greetings in Christ the Lord and Mary the Blessed Mother! I told our parishioners to remember The Word Among Us and its donors in their prayers. You may not have urgent special intentions, but I wanted the whole congregation to envelop you with their prayers so that the Lord will guide and strengthen you in your important work. Again, my heart is full at the thought of your kind and generous gesture to spread God’s word and work to all people.”
—Captain U.S. Air Force

Presently and gratefully we are getting The Word Among Us due to your generosity. Please know that they go fast! When I put them out, I have to keep my arms and fingers away or else I would lose them! Thank you for your support of our troops! God bless.
—Chaplain, Bagram, Afghanistan