Voices from the Ministry to Service Men and Women

Voices from the Ministry to Service Men and Women

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“Thank you very much. I appreciate that you are looking out for my fellow sail­ors and me. I really feel blessed that you are doing so much for us.” —John, USN

“I’m currently deployed in Afghanistan. Because most soldiers don’t have time or access to the Internet, a hard copy of The Word Among Us is our only opportunity to receive such a great morale booster. I love sitting and reading my copy as the sun sets. This brings me peace and takes my mind away from the war for an hour or so. Thanks.” —Soldier, U.S. Army

“Thanks a million in the Lord. I will be re-positioned in the North next week. I will remember you all in my Masses with the soldiers who are benefited by your ser­vice and The Word Among Us.” —Chaplain, (COL), Afghanistan

“Your kindness in preparing and shipping The Word Among Us for our team has greatly blessed our soldiers. Knowing that we are loved and cared for by so many back home brings great encouragement spiritually, physically and emotionally. Your tangible expression of love has made an impact on all who have benefited from your ministry.” — Captain, U.S. Army, Afghanistan

“Your generous donation of The Word Among Us has been a tremendous resource for the military personnel over here. At every Forward Operating Base that I visit, the guys ask for it and sincerely appreciate it. It makes a huge difference. Thank you so much.” — Chaplain, Marine Air Wing, Afghanistan

“Thank you for the opportunity to help The Word Among Us with the ministry to the military. We, as a group of Catholic/Christian Women, are blessed to be able to help those in the military who put their lives on the line for our country’s freedom. The Mass edition of The Word Among Us is just one way we can say “thank you” along with our continuous prayers for our men and women in the military. God bless you for all you do.” —Women’s Group, Ohio