The Light of Christ Shining on Campus!

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The Light of Christ Shining on Campus!

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Evelyn Xin Yu Xu began her college years with dreams of getting her degree in Family Science, of launching a career… . But God had an even bigger dream for her.

He wanted her to come to know Jesus Christ personally. And this Easter, Evelyn was baptized and became Catholic at the Vigil Mass at the University of Maryland Catholic Student Center. Above is a photo of Evelyn with Fr. Rob Walsh, chaplain at UMD and the other students who came into the Church this Easter.

Catholic Terps at the University of Maryland is just one of the colleges that receives The Word Among Us through your generous gifts to Partners. The Catholic campus ministries receive the magazines from September through May, and distribute them to students like Evelyn. She used The Word Among Us for her personal prayer and for Mass. She tells us,

The Word Among Us has been such a useful tool for me to learn my Mass parts and to study my daily readings. Thank you for your prayers. This Holy Week has been such an amazing week, and yesterday (the Easter Vigil) was so beautiful. I’m so happy to be a Catholic!

Despite the negative elements of college life that have dominated the news, God continues to draw men and women to himself. Students are encountering Jesus on college campuses, some rekindling the faith of their youth and some discovering Christ for the very first time. What a privilege it is to support the chaplains and campus missionaries in this work of evangelization! Here are some words of thanks from other Partners’ campuses:

Thank your donors for their generosity. It has been great to see our students using The Word Among Us for their daily devotions. —Rev. Ben Holdren, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

We are grateful for the donation of The Word Among Us. My students are using them! —Brother Ken Apuzzo, University of Minnesota

I’ve always had trouble reading Scripture. I didn’t get anything out of it. But it was different this time. The Word Among Us gave me a new “tool” in my prayer life. I still have room to grow in reading Scripture, but I grew a lot using this. —Student, Texas A&M