Thank you’s

From Canadian Prison Chaplains & Service Men and Women

Thank you’s

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Canadian Prison Chaplains Thank You! Currently, fifty-four chaplains in Canada receive The Word Among Us magazine every month for their prisoners.

“Thank you very much for your continued support and generosity. I keep including in my Masses all the benefactors of your ministry.”

—Chaplain, Saskatchewan, Canada.

“The Word Among Us magazines are very well received by the inmates and also some staff of the institution. I can tell you that they appreciate all of the support provided in the variety of stories, prayers, and commentaries in the magazine. According to Jim, ‘the stories give me hope.’ And Mike commented, ‘I look forward to the magazine. I keep it in my cell because it makes me feel less afraid when I know God is with me.’”

—Chaplain, Alberta, Canada.

Service Men and Women Thank You!

“It has now gotten to the point that if I forget to bring The Word Among Us on my convoys, the Marines ask for them. They really treasure them since we priests are so few and can’t get to them every week. I have made every effort to get to each location every two weeks, but even when I get there, some of them will miss me because they are on patrol or on post or sleeping after a twelve-hour duty shift. The Word Among Us is all they have!”


“I really appreciate your help because when I visit the Forward Observation Posts, those books are like gold. Not only do they serve for Mass but the soldiers really enjoy reading the articles. In the name of our troops, I want to thank you for The Word Among Us. There is much faith here in Iraq among our soldiers, especially our Catholic soldiers.”