Thank You Partners

–From a Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Military

Thank You Partners

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Dear Partners, I would like to express my thanks to everyone who makes The Word Among Us possible. It has been a daily guide to my path to Christ.

I am in the military, and I bring it whenever I deploy. As a matter of fact, right before my last deployment to the Middle East, I received a plea in the mail to help make The Word Among Us available to service men and women, so I decided to make a donation.

I arrived in theater a few weeks later, and had my trusty copy of The Word Among Us to help me with my daily meditation on Scripture and in prayer. One early morning, as I read the last meditation in the magazine on the last day of the month, I panicked! I had forgotten to bring the next month’s issue. As I went to Sunday Mass the next day after reading the Scripture verses, I felt somewhat incomplete without The Word Among Us meditation. But I consoled myself, knowing the priest would give a good homily. And it was!

As I walked into the chapel, I looked on the kiosk and saw a stack of the new month’s copies of The Word Among Us! I felt as if I had discovered gold! I then thanked God, and remembered that my gift that I sent to help make the magazine available to others actually ended up benefitting me!

I have shared The Word Among Us with friends and family and have bought subscriptions for some of those in my Christ Renews His Parish group. I can’t tell you how many times people have said, “I read the meditation on Scripture today and it speaks right to my heart.” Or someone shares a problem, and then the daily reflection in the magazine is shared, and it seems like a direct answer from God. Well, I could go on, but again, I thank you for your ministry, and rest assured, Christ is doing good things through The Word Among Us. God Bless.

—Lt. Colonel, U.S. Military.