Step by Step to Calvary

Praying Through the Stations of the Cross: A Pamphlet for Prisoners

Step by Step to Calvary

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One of the most popular and treasured traditions of the Catholic Church is the Stations or Way of the Cross. Since the early days of Christianity, devout pilgrims have walked and prayed along the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem, the road that Jesus walked as he carried his cross to Golgotha.

Today, this devotion is offered by most parishes during Lent and Holy Week, the liturgical times of the year when we most want to recall the passion and death of Christ. But since Jesus’ death and resurrection are the central mysteries of our faith, we can pray the stations any time of the year.

And Partners wants prisoners alone in their cells or in a group to have the same blessed opportunity!

Step by Step to Calvary was written specifically for prisoners. It came out of our desire for all of our brothers and sisters behind bars to know and love Jesus Christ more deeply and to have a personal relationship with him. This is done in two ways: using a title that describes who Jesus is, such as Emmanuel or the Good Shepherd; and highlighting one of his attributes, such a gentleness, humility, or obedience. Here is one prayer from the pamphlet:

Jesus, you are Emmanuel, “God with Us” (Isaiah 7:14; Matthew 1:23). Jesus, you who are the second Person of the Trinity humbly took on our nature and was born of the Virgin Mary to fulfill your Father’s plan of salvation. You still live among us, and you promise to be with us always. Jesus, you are with me here, right now in this prison cell.

After visualizing Jesus’ passion and coming face to face with the Lord, these stations provide an opportunity for repentance and healing in a specific area. Each station ends with intercessory prayer. Jesus’ resurrected life is celebrated in a litany of praise at the conclusion of the fourteenth station.

A pdf file of the pamphlet can also be downloaded by clicking on the following link: Download a PDF of this pamphlet. (English).

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