Speaking Words of Life and Hope

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Speaking Words of Life and Hope

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As Catholics, we treasure and protect God’s gift of life at all its stages. In January, many of you will pray for the March for Life, and some may even attend it in Washington, D.C.

At Partners, we join with thousands of men and women in praying for an end to abortion. We are grateful for the opportunity to support women who are struggling over a pregnancy or grieving after an abortion with the gift of The Word Among Us.

You may even know a woman needing help with an unplanned pregnancy. If you do, please encourage her to seek help through a pregnancy center hotline. Heartbeat International sponsors a pregnancy hotline, and is featured in an article in the January issue of The Word Among Us. The Heartbeat Pregnancy Hotline phone number is 1-800-712-HELP.

Women troubled about a pregnancy often feel frightened and alone. Many face pressure from friends or family to “take care” of their pregnancy by having an abortion. We all can extend the loving arms of Jesus and say to them, “Do not be afraid. God is with you and your baby, and so are we.”

Because of your generous gifts to Partners, 6,500 women receive The Word Among Us every month at pregnancy centers and postabortion ministries. Here are some comments that Partners has received:

   • “It is with gratitude that I write to thank you for sending us the monthly The Word Among Us magazines. One never knows how the hand of God will touch one of those just picking up the book. Thank you for partnering and sharing with us to share with others.” —Theresa, California

   • “The Word Among Us is appreciated more than you can imagine. We are using the copies in our childbirth and parenting classes.” —Ellen, Connecticut

If you know of a pregnancy center or prolife ministry that would like to receive free copies of The Word Among Us or our booklet After Abortion: God Offers Forgiveness, Healing, and Hope, please have them contact Angela at Partners at 1-800-775-9673, x2100. So many women need to experience God’s love. In union with the whole Church, let us pray for all women, particularly those troubled about a pregnancy. Thank you for helping us to provide women in need with The Word Among Us.