Speaking Life and Bringing Hope

Women’s Ministry Update

Speaking Life and Bringing Hope

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Partners sends 5,500 copies of The Word Among Us to pregnancy centers and post-abortion ministries every month.

Women seeking prenatal care or counseling pick up a copy at their monthly visits. Because of your prayers and donations, these women can encounter Jesus in the pages of The Word Among Us during this uncertain and vulnerable time in their lives. You are not only helping them to choose life for their children, but to become good and holy mothers as well.

Pregnancy center directors have told us that many of the pregnant women coming to their centers have already had an abortion in the past, but this time are choosing life for their unborn child. Many of them experience immense guilt and grief over the loss of their other unborn children. They struggle to see themselves as worthy to be mothers because of their past abortion. They wonder if God could ever forgive them, since they cannot forgive themselves.

Into this abyss of confusion and grief, the light of Christ shines. Women all over the United States and Canada have experienced healing and reconciliation with God.

Partners sends pregnancy centers and post-abortion ministries free copies of our booklet, After Abortion: God Offers Forgiveness, Healing, and Hope, along with their monthly copies of The Word Among Us. And the results are amazing. Volunteers report to us that they can’t get enough of the After Abortion booklets, and that many women weep when they hear that God longs to forgive them. Like The Word Among Us, the After Abortion booklets come in both English and Spanish.

Janine, who also supports a Project Rachel Ministry, shares these booklets at Florida Luncheons for Life, gatherings for those involved in pro-life activities in her area. Many of the volunteers have themselves been affected by an abortion. She also distributes them to parishes, priests, food distribution sites, pregnancy centers, and social service centers. Janine tells us,

The After Abortion booklet is a game changer. I know that the Holy Spirit is active through these booklets. I keep a few in my car and in my office, just in case. I even sent some to the Executive Director of the local Planned Parenthood.

Angela, who supports a mobile pregnancy center, tells us of the overwhelming demand for the After Abortion booklets.

I take these booklets with me when I speak at churches on Sundays. After every service, women have come to speak to me about their own abortion or someone in their family’s abortion experience and have taken the booklet. This past Sunday, a woman came to me and told me about her granddaughter who just had an abortion and was having a very hard time. She took two books, one to give to her granddaughter and one for her daughter.

These booklets are printed and distributed because of your generous donations. You are bringing hope and healing to our sisters in Christ who are troubled about a pregnancy or an abortion. Let’s pray as a Partners family that many more babies will be saved and many women will find healing and mercy in Jesus.