Serving Those Who Serve

Military Ministry Update

Serving Those Who Serve

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Partners’ Ministry to Service Men and Women continues to reach out to those serving us in the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.

Because of your generosity, 24,000 brothers and sisters in Christ receive The Word Among Us every month in war zones, on ships at sea, in VA hospitals, and on military bases at home and abroad. The men and women at Parris Island in North Carolina recently wrote to Partners,

“Thank you for your gift of The Word Among Us to us at Parris Island. The recruits love them and are so grateful to you. They say they now understand why going to church is important and feel they have a ‘real parish family.’ And because of your generosity, these young men and women have a Catholic family that extends beyond Parris Island. Again, our heartfelt and humble thanks to you and The Word Among Us.” —Chaplain, Parris Island

Through The Word Among Us, we help these chaplains to bring God’s peace, presence, and love to more than 400 military locations worldwide every month. The Catholic military personnel include young people from all walks of life who have found a spiritual family through Partners. By your generous gifts to Partners, you are supporting these brothers and sisters in Christ. Yet so many more still need our help.

We invite you in 2015 to take up this call anew. Let us pray for the chaplains and men and women of our military and give thanks for their faithful service. And we invite you to consider making a donation to Partners this month so that together we can bring the love and mercy of God to more and more of our brothers and sisters in Christ.