Military Update

Expressions of Gratitude from Our Military

Military Update

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Being a Catholic in the military can be difficult, monotonous, and lonely. Nevertheless, hundreds of thousands of dedicated catholic men and women have volunteered to serve our nation.

Some serve in harm’s way, while many live far from their families and beyond the reach of their parish communities.

With such hardships, our brothers and sisters rely on our Catholic chaplains for spiritual guidance and support. At the same time, these Catholic chaplains—fewer than 300 worldwide—are hard-pressed to serve them because of a severe shortage in their ranks. They themselves are stretched to the breaking point as they minister to Catholics in military service.

Further complicating the matter is the fact that our country has been at war for twelve years. This has placed a very heavy burden on the valiant men and women in the military and their families. They are overstretched after repeated deployments and increasingly worried that the rest of the country has forgotten the war and their service.

Partners is honored to work with Catholic chaplains and assist those in military service by sending The Word Among Us to 23,000 service men and women every month. You have made this possible, by your prayers and your donations.

As military units relocate this summer, including some returning from Afghanistan, more and more chaplains have contacted Partners. Responding to the groundswell from their men and women, chaplains are eager to make certain that their units continue to receive copies of The Word Among Us in their new locations. And we have received many new requests, as the service men and women share with one another about the great gift of The Word Among Us.

Thank you for your generosity that makes it possible for our Catholic brothers and sisters in military service to receive daily spiritual support through The Word Among Us magazine. Read their expression of gratitude at the end of this article.

Even as deployments phase down, the need continues to grow. Partners seeks to meet that need and help Catholics in military service grow in their relationship with Christ and the Church. We thank you for your prayers and generous support.

Expressions of Gratitude from Our Military

“Thank you for your support and for helping us to be a bit closer to God even when several feet underwater.” —Submariner, USN

“We remain humble and grateful for the monthly copies of this outstanding magazine that assists our prayer life. We all want you to know that copies of The Word Among Us have been welcomed heartily, and everyone looks forward to them now.” —Captain, USAF

“I know that you were praying for us because your prayers were answered. Several days after the magazines arrived, we were told that a priest was going to be assigned to our site. Before, we only got a visit from a priest once a month. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity and prayers. Please, keep praying for us, as we have troops in harm’s way dealing with tough adversities.” —SSG, US Army, Afghanistan