Letters from Chaplains and Inmates

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Dear Fellow Christians,
As chaplain, one of my more pleasurable duties is to administer allocations from the Inmate Chapel Fund. In that regard, I am pleased to enclose a small donation on behalf of the men here to help support Partners. By way of background, I thought you might be interested in how these funds are raised. The men are allowed to contribute to a Chapel Fund from their inmate accounts. Most of the men do not have a great deal of money. The inmate wage scale ranges from 28 cents per day, and 20 percent is withheld for restitution and, if applicable, child-support payments. A few of the men are able to improve their account balance by Correctional Industries jobs that have a profit-sharing incentive. The enclosed amount does not begin to cover all you have provided, but we pray that it will provide some assistance to your efforts on behalf of our Lord.

Sincerely, Chaplain Yourek.

Dear Partners,
I have just read God Alone: Stories of the Power of Faith. I got it from the chapel here. It was the only book other than hymn books and Bibles that was on the shelf. Apparently, someone left it behind and I’m glad they did. Those testimonies really touched me and helped me realize that others truly have it a whole lot worse. One of them showed me how to handle despair with the comforting hand of the Lord.

Thank you, Herman

(Partners has distributed over 3,000 free copies of God Alone to prisoners)

Dear Partners in Evangelism,

Thank you for the fifty copies of Promises in Scripture. My inmates can greatly benefit from God’s message of love.

Sincerely, Chaplain Messina.

Dear Angela,

We have just successfully completed our first men’s Alpha course and are in the midst of another. Soon we will be starting the course in the women’s pods. The Alpha discussion groups are safe and can often create an atmosphere for openness and brokenness. This is an excellent time for healing prayer or confession. Alpha has truly been transforming and is a powerful witness to the Gospel of Jesus.

For the joy set before him,
Assistant Chaplain Pelsinski.