Let’s Pray

A prayer for all those serving in the military

Let’s Pray

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Lord … Look with love upon the men and women of our military. Bless them and their families for their courage and sacrifice.

May they complete their mission and return safely to their loved ones, whole and unshaken. Heal the injured. Comfort the lonely. Protect those in harm’s way. Most of all, let them know your love—that you are with them and will never forsake or abandon them.

Give strength and peace of mind to the veterans who have given their best for the country they love. Provide jobs and support to them when they return.

Sustain those who suffer from infirmity or the fragility of old age. Teach us to remember their sacrifice and to express our gratitude.

Sustain the priests and chaplains who serve alongside our military men and women. Reward them for their generous labor as they serve those who serve us.

We ask all this in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Amen.