Freedom Behind Bars

Partners Brings the Light of Christ to Prisoners

Freedom Behind Bars

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For thirty-seven years, Sebastian spent Christmas in a prison cell: without his family, without Christmas Mass, without gifts or a Christmas tree. This year Sebastian is free.

He wrote to Partners, “I want to tell you that I am now a FREE man, not only in spirit, but also physically—from prison! After thirty-seven years of hard time, I have been miraculously granted parole. The Word Among Us w as a godsend to me over the years. It not only kept me rooted in the word of God, but helped tremendously to alleviate the pain, misery, despair, and loneliness of prison life. Thank you for keeping me afloat over the years.”

Jesus loves these incarcerated men and women and calls them his brothers and sisters. These are our brothers and sisters in Christ many of whom you support every day with the gift of The Word Among Us. As they have read the Scriptures and the daily meditations, their lives have changed! They have experienced divine love, mercy, and forgiveness. They may be confined within prison walls, but they are now freed from the shackles of their past sins.

You bring the love of Christ to 61,000 prisoners every month through The Word Among Us. As a Partner in this ministry, you help us together fulfill Jesus’ words, “I was in prison and you visited me” (Matthew 25:36). Your loving concern is changing thousands of lives behind prison bars. For example, Tony in Georgia will never be the same:

“I am serving a seventeen-year sentence. One day I thought, ‘Nobody loves me. I’m going to die in prison and no one is going to know or care.’ I stumbled upon The Word Among Us on the bookcase, and started reading it. I’ve done something in my life that I’m not proud of, but The Word Among Us helped me see that ‘The Lord is merciful, slow to anger and rich in faithful love… . He does not treat us as our sins deserve’ (Psalm 103:8,10). This showed me who God is and what He is like. Now I can feel the love of God has for me.” —Tony, Georgia

Thanks to you, prisoners from all over the US and Canada meet Jesus in the pages of The Word Among Us. But so many more wait for the opportunity to receive The Word Among Us. Could you help us send the magazine to those on our waiting list? Please consider making a donation to Partners today. Donate online at our secure website,

Like me, some of you may actually volunteer in a prison. But one doesn’t have to go inside the prison to be a prison volunteer. Your prayers are powerful. And your donations—whether monthly or a few times a year—sustain and grow our ministry.

Thanks to you, every month chaplains open their boxes of English and Spanish copies of The Word Among Us, and volunteers—including myself—carry bundles of them in through security to awaiting prisoners. What a great partnership! A partnership that is so appreciated by both chaplains and prisoners:

“As a chaplain, I use The Word Among Us as a resource for a small group devotional in the regional psychiatric prison. The men really appreciate it and take the copies quickly. It helps to have some quality time with God each day. Blessings to you and your Partners.” —Chaplain Craig, New Brunswick, Canada

The Word Among Us is an amazing tool that helps me and many other inmates get closer to God and stay in his word. I read it every day—I never skip! It’s my daily bread and source of strength. It gives us the hope and peace to go on, one day at a time. I see miraculous conversions happening in prison all the time. It’s all because of God’s infinite love and people like you.” —David, West Virginia

You are a great blessing to us and our incarcerated brothers and sisters. Be sure to send us your prayer intentions so that we can pray specifically for your needs. Thank you for bringing God’s love to prisoners!

God bless you,
Angela M. Burrin
Director, Ministry to Prisoners