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Go Forth: Spread the Good News! (Mark 16:15)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Did you know that St. Therese of Lisieux is the patron saint of missionaries, even though she never left her convent? Did you know that our Lord sees YOU as a vital part of his plan to bring the Good News to the entire world? Did you know that you can help reach men and women with the Gospel, even from your own home?

During this Year of Faith, we, as Catholics, are called to a New Evangelization, to go forth and spread the love and Good News of Jesus Christ. This can seem daunting, particularly when we might think, “I’m no missionary!” or “I can’t go out to the whole world and preach!” God is not asking everyone to be foreign missionaries. But he is asking EACH of us to share the Good News with others, particularly with those in need.

So many of you have shared Christ with others through Word Among Us Partners. Eleven thousand of you have become our Partners in providing The Word Among Us magazine to our Catholic brothers and sisters who face particularly challenging circumstances, including

  • 57,000 prisoners;
  • 24,000 service men and women;
  • 6,500 women troubled about their pregnancy or in need of healing after an abortion.

But many thousands more of our brothers and sisters in similar situations are still waiting for our help. Please help us reach them:

  • Men and women stationed in war zones and ships at sea.
  • Men and women serving time in jails and prisons throughout this country.
  • Women seeking help from hundreds of crisis pregnancy centers and Project Rachel ministries.

This year I am again pleased to announce a Matching Grant program. We have received a generous gift of $175,000, to be used to match your donations. Every dollar you donate at $100 or more will be doubled, up to the $175,000 limit. Click here to give to the Partners 2013 Matching Grant and double your donation!

Please, help us reach others! Go forth and spread the Good News.

Jeff Smith
The Word Among Us

Your $100 Donation Can Equal $200! $150 = $300, $250 = $500

Your donation can reach twice as many of our brothers and sisters in need! Here’s how our Matching Grant program works:

1. Partners has received a generous gifts to make possible this year’s Matching Grant.

2. Every donation of $100 or more received by September 30, 2013 will be matched, up to a limit of $175,000.

3. Or donate online at Any online donation of $100 or more made by September 30, 2013 will be matched.