Christmas in Prison

Christmas in Prison

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The Christmas holidays can be a bittersweet time for many. Prisoners long for a visit from their loved ones. Service men and women hope for a phone call, an email, a care package from home. Women in crisis pregnancies or grieving after an abortion can ache with loneliness.

During this joyful time of the year, these brothers and sisters in Christ often miss the warmth of human love and the spiritual support of the sacraments and their faith community. They can feel alone.

Who brings the love of Christ to these brothers and sisters? You do. Together with prison and military chaplains, directors and volunteers of pregnancy centers and post-abortion ministries, you bring the message of God’s love into their lives every month through The Word Among Us magazine.

Because of you, they know they are not forgotten. They are loved by God. They can meet Jesus every day in the Scriptures and daily meditations. Every month you have touched the lives of 87,000 Catholic men and women in prisons, pregnancy centers, Project Rachel ministries, and military bases all over the world through The Word Among Us Partners.

By your prayers and your gifts, you have visited those in prison. You have supported those choosing life for their unborn children and comforted those grieving the loss of a child to an abortion. You have brought the word of God to those far from family and friends. Thank you!

Yet many more remain on our waiting list, hoping to receive The Word Among Us. During the holidays, their need is greater than ever. So many lack the spiritual support that we take for granted. Can you give a Christmas gift of The Word Among Us to them?

Here are some words of gratitude we’ve received recently:

   • “The Catholic Community in Afghanistan would like to thank The Word Among Us Partners for your support of our spiritual needs. The Word Among Us has been an essential part of our spiritual and religious sustainment. Sincerely, thank you! You will have our continued prayers for supporting us at a time when we are so far from family, friends, and the way of life we all treasure so deeply.” —Major, US Army, Kabul

   • “Thank you for continuing to send me The Word Among Us. It inspires me every day to share the word of God and the love of Christ. I share TWAU with other Catholics. They are like me. They don’t have any families or friends on the outside to help them financially.” —Melvin, Indiana

   • “We receive 25 Spanish and 25 English copies of The Word Among Us at Guadalupe Pregnancy Services. We are making them available to our clients. Our clients look forward to them at each monthly visit. Thank you and God bless you for giving us this beautiful magazine. We hope to continue receiving these.” —Louisa, California

What a difference you are making! Because you care, these men and women can experience God’s love. You are truly helping God to touch people’s lives. Thank you! So many more Catholics in difficult circumstances wait for the gift of The Word Among Us. As you write your Christmas list this year, please consider donating to Partners so that the many men and women on our waiting lists can receive a gift subscription in 2014.

Many will be blessed by your tax deductible gift of $50, $100, or $250. You may donate online at our secure website.