Bringing Hope Behind Bars!

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Bringing Hope Behind Bars!

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“All it takes is one good person to restore hope!” —Pope Francis, Laudato Si’

Pope Francis reminds us that all men and women are interconnected and loved by God, and that “ … greater attention must be given to the needs of the poor, the weak and the vulnerable …” (52). The Holy Father’s words can easily be applied to our brothers and sisters behind bars.

Prisoners can feel vulnerable and alone, cut off from family and local church support. But you are restoring hope to 64,500 men and women in prison every month with the gift of The Word Among Us! Through your prayers and financial gifts, you remind them that they are not alone, and that God is present with them behind bars.

Here are some notes of thanks that we received at Partners, sharing the blessings that you have brought to our brothers and sisters in Christ on the “inside”:

The Word Among Us gives me hope and lets me know that I’ve got someone who cares out there. —Samuel, Nevada

When I read The Word Among Us, it’s just as though God is speaking right to me. I learn and I am guided daily in my walk by this devotional. I quite often feel God’s presence with me when I spend time alone with Him each morning. —Rita, Texas

I love the stories about people who have turned back to the Church. They are like me: I’ve also come back to God and the Church. The Word Among Us has blessed me in many ways. I am thankful for the message. It speaks to me. —David, Michigan

Thanks to the generous donors who allow me to read The Word Among Us each morning. It is greatly appreciated. I panic when it gets close to the end of the month if I have not gotten my new one yet! —William, Maryland

In the words of our brother William in prison, above, thanks to all of you very generous donors. You are restoring hope to men and women behind bars and bringing the very presence and power of God into their lives. God bless you!