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As we begin 2013, I’m so pleased to have this opportunity to wish you and your family a year filled with many blessings. And you are a blessing to thousands! How?

By donating to Partners, you are putting The Word Among Us magazine into the hands of those who so desperately need to know that their heavenly Father loves them.

Since January is the month of the March for Life, let me take this opportunity to update you on Partners’ ministry to women. Currently, Partners is sending The Word Among Us magazines to 6,500 women! One of these women may pick up the magazine when she “drops into” a pregnancy center seeking help for herself and her unplanned child. Or, after summoning up the courage to speak about her abortion at a ministry such as Project Rachel, a woman may be given the magazine by a counselor.

But there are thousands of other women who would grow so much more in their relationship with God if they could read the Scriptures and meditations in The Word Among Us every day. Can you make a donation right at the beginning of 2013 so that Partners can send them The Word Among Us? So many women will be blessed by your gift.

There are so many pregnancy centers around the country helping women who need support when facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Please stop right now and pray for these women choosing life for their child, but who are in such need of spiritual comfort.

And pray, too, for the many counselors and volunteers who have such a heart for women in crisis pregnancies. They labor tirelessly to care for these women, who are so often vulnerable and alone.

“We are so blessed to be sent every month The Word Among Us for our clients to take home and read. The daily meditations and the very informative stories and articles will enrich their lives. It is always comforting to me to be able to hand this great magazine out to our clients after they have been counseled or have visited our room where they pick out clothes or other items for their child. I pray that you will continue to bless us!”
—Mary, New York.

Recently, I met Vicki Thorn, the founder of Project Rachel. Back in 1984, she was inspired to start the ministry after discovering that a friend had given up one child for adoption and aborted another. The friend was engaging in self-destructive behaviors and told her, “I can live with the adoption; I can’t live with the abortion.” When I asked Vicki what she would like to say to faithful donors like you, she responded:

“There is no other woundedness of such proportion in the world as abortion. We all know someone who has been touched by abortion, and when they are able to reconcile with God and their child, it sets them free. As an aborted woman reads the Scriptures and The Word Among Us meditations, the Holy Spirit reaches into the broken places of her soul and tells her that there is hope. In today’s world, there is so much hopelessness and brokenness. This Year of Faith is a perfect time to encourage people to read the Word of God. Healing is possible.”

Some of us from Partners recently met Bishop Spencer of the Archdiocese for Military Services. He told us of men and women from both the US Army and the Air Force in Germany who attended a first-ever Rachel’s Vineyard retreat. Bishop Spencer shared, “The retreat at Schoenstatt was a beautiful opportunity for women and men who have struggled with the emotional or spiritual pain of an abortion, as well as deaths due to miscarriages, to experience the mercy and compassion of God.” In speaking about such retreats, Bishop Spencer added, “The need is so great.”

I shared with the Bishop about Partners’ free booklet, After Abortion—God Offers Forgiveness, Healing, and Hope, available in English and Spanish. He immediately responded by asking for copies for his next Rachel’s Vineyard retreat in November and for an upcoming retreat in Korea in January. Of course, we were delighted to send them to him. If you would like copies of the booklet for your parish, just call or email me.

You have been so faithful in supporting our ministry to women. I do hope that it is possible for you to make a donation to this ministry so that we can send The Word Among Us magazine to many more of our sisters in Christ. There are so many more women who need to experience God’s love. Will you help us to reach them? Please, consider making a donation to Partners’ Ministry to Women.

Rejoice with me! Through Partners, God is ministering to women all over the world!

God bless you!
Angela M. Burrin
Director, Bridge to Life Ministry

P.S. During the month of January, Partners prays especially for all women facing an unplanned pregnancy and for all the unborn. We also pray for women and men needing help dealing with the effects of an abortion. Please, pray with us!