A Catholic Chaplain in Afghanistan

Chad Perreault is now serving with a Marine unit in Afghanistan, where Catholic chaplains are in short supply.

A Catholic Chaplain in Afghanistan

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Since 2005, The Word Among Us Partners has been working to supplement their efforts by bringing The Word Among Us to troops around the world, including Iraq and Afghanistan.

Currently, over 16,500 military personnel receive The Word Among Us with additional requests for 5,000 more copies each month.

“This is a great help”, writes a chaplain in Iraq. “It has now gotten to the point that if I forget to bring The Word Among Us on my convoys, the Marines ask for them. They really treasure them, since we priests are so few and can’t get to them every week. I have made every effort to get to each location every two weeks, but even when I get there, some of them will miss because they are on patrol or on post or sleeping after a twelve-hour duty shift. The Word Among Us is all they have!”

Other chaplains in Iraq, Afghanistan and in the Navy:

• Afghanistan: “The Catholic soldiers really appreciate The Word Among Us. By the end of the month I always run short during field Masses.”

• Iraq: “I want to extend my gratitude for supporting the troops and my priestly ministry. Your generosity is a reminder of Christ’s love alive in the world today. Please be sure of my continued prayers, and convey my appreciation to all benefactors.”

• Iraq: “We appreciate all the support you have given us. The devotional is very popular with our soldiers.”

• Navy: “Thank you so much. We are trying to create a Catholic corner in the room we use for a chapel on board ship. Thanks again for all of your assistance. We look forward to receiving The Word Among Us.

Prayer is at the very heart of this ministry. Please join us in praying for all of our brothers and sisters in the military, in prison, and elsewhere. Every week, The Word Among Us Partners prays for all of the special intentions that our partners send to us.

We invite you to partner with us in this great work of bringing Christ to our Catholic brothers and sisters who may be away from the support of family and local church. Please consider making a tax deductible donation. 100% of the donations received are used directly to support The Word Among Us Partners program services.