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0 comment | Posted Jan 06, 2016

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After Abortion

After Abortion

God Offers Forgiveness, Healing and Hope – A booklet for any woman suffering from the effects of an abortion.

15 comment | Posted Jul 07, 2015

For whatever reason a woman chooses to have an abortion, it profoundly changes her. A life within her had an unnatural end. A woman who has had an abortion often suffers emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Continue »

Walking Through God’s Open Door of Faith

During this Year of Faith, God is inviting all of us to pass through the “door of faith” each and every day. That’s because Jesus wants you to experience his presence! Continue »

Let’s Get Real about Prayer

Let’s Get Real about Prayer

Am I giving more time to Facebook than to God’s Book?

0 comment | Posted Jan 15, 2013

Why are we so shocked when our lives get filled with stress? Why are so many Christians still so often without joy? Why are anxiety and worry more prevalent than peace in many modern believers? I’ll throw out one possible answer: We don’t pray enough. Continue »

Praying through the Stations of the Cross

Praying through the Stations of the Cross

Free Pamphlets available for Download

1 comment | Posted Jan 18, 2012

We produced Journey to Calvary and Step by Step to Calvary in a format (pdf file) that can be easily printed either in its entirety or by individual page. Continue »

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