Voices of Women Conflicted about a Pregnancy

Words of Gratitude from Women

Voices of Women Conflicted about a Pregnancy

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“Let them thank the Lord for such kindness.” Psalm 107:21

“Thank you for your generous offer of The Word Among Us for our crisis center clients. The staff is also grateful for their own copy. Our work is especially difficult and the meditations are such a powerful way to ‘fill our cup.’”
—Tracie, Florida

“Thank you! The Word Among Us has been especially helpful to those who have been away from their Catholic faith and, upon finding healing for their abortions, are now anxious to return to the Church, Mass, and Scripture.”
—Nancy, Rachel Vineyard Retreats, Canada

“Thank you so much for The Word Among Us. Daily we get calls from young women who are pregnant. Often we are the one opportunity that lies between life and death for their unborn child. Many women who come to us have already planned to abort their child.”
—Joan, Kentucky